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Nov. 23rd, 2008

Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.7
Pairing: Eunhaemin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys…sorry
Warnings: Mild swearing, angst

The two whooshed past the exit and ‘round the corner to an empty end.

“Just what has gotten into you?” Hyuk almost slammed Hae against the wall, his hands placed firmly on his shoulders. Donghae looked away, and tried to get him off, but had no luck.

“Look at me! F*ck Hae…” Eunhyuk burst out. Donghae lifted his head towards Hyuk, and stared right into his eyes. His glazed, moist eyes pierced through Hyuk vainly. Something about Donghae’s glared caused something to stir deep within Eunhyuk. He had to look away, to control his own eyes that were starting to flood already.

“ANSWER ME!” He yelled, his eyes still damp, but fury beaming on the rest of his face.

“What do you want from me?!” Donghae shouted back, fear yet anger in his tear-stricken face. “What do you want from me?” He repeated, weaker this time as he hid his teary face in his hands. Hyuk wished he could’ve slapped himself right in the face for what he said earlier.

“Oh Hae…” Eunhyuk whispered silently his eyes still tearing, and he cupped the face of the afraid, yet angered boy in front of him. “I’m so sorry…” he said capturing him in his embrace. Donghae quivered with sorrow, but melted down in Hyuk’s strong, but thin arms.

“It’s all my fault Hyuk…the reason why he’s there, is because of me. He thinks I’m the one who saves him all the time but it’s not true, because of me he always ends up hurt. He’s the one who saved me…”


“Hey Hae…the nurse told me you saved me…again.” Sungmin beamed, the rays of sun lightly sprinkled on his face added an even friendlier feeling to his already warm, welcoming face.

“I…I didn’t do anything.” He replied shyly starring down at his feet.

“Aw, c’mon you know if it weren’t for you, I would’ve been a goner.” Min lightly punched Donghae’s arm playfully.

”No hyung. If it weren’t for YOU, I’d be a goner…” Donghae thought to himself as he took a seat. Of course he could never admit this to his hyung, because he knew Min would just brush it off, and act like Donghae was superman again. All Donghae could do was smile scoff, and reply with a simple: “Thanks”.

“Hey so when can you leave this place?” Donghae wondered looking up at his hyung who was still refusing to sit.

“He can’t leave for another three days we have to make sure he recovered fully…” the nurse butted in, even though she was halfway across the room.

“Well…I guess that answers your question…” Sungmin smiled, and finaly sat down, swinging his legs back and forth happily.

“I don’t get it hyung…” Donghae stared at his own boring, motionless feet.

“Don’t get what?”

“Why did you risk your life just to save me? He looked up at his hyung’s serious, yet curious face. Sungmin shifted his gaze toward the window. Donghae stared at his beautiful profile, half lit by the sunlight and waited or a response. Sungmin’s mouth slowly opened as words started to pour out.

“The same reason you saved me…”


“Shh, there, there Hae. It’s not you fault. Nothing’s your fault.” Eunhyuk cradled Hae ever so gently in his loving arms.

“It’s, my fault. I took you away from him. Don’t you get it? He welcomed me, he was my first friend and I treated him like dirt. He always looked out for me like the hyung he was supposed to be, but how do I repay him? By stealing you away. I don’t deserve you…” Donghae sobbed, his words incoherent to any sane person passing by, but to Hyuk, it made perfect sense.

“Hae…it’s going to be okay. He’s going to be okay, don’t worry about it.” Hyuk wiped away the extra tears as Hae calmed himself. “Let’s go ask the doctor if we can visit him, ok?”

“It’s…too early isn’t it? Let’s pick up some ‘get well soon’ gifts.” Hae stood up on his own, looking away from Hyuk he made his way down the street.

”This boy…” Eunhyuk scoffed as he caught up with Hae’s pace.

After hours of choosing ‘the right gift’ the two returned to the apartment which was a complete mess due to Sungmin and Eunhyuk’s roommates.

“Hey guys, how’s Sungmin doing?” Eeteuk greeted them with a smile, but any fool could tell he was hiding a huge amount of worry beyond his eyes.

“We…don’t know yet.” Replied Hyuk solemnly, looking at his feet.

“Oh, okay…” Eeteuk’s voice tone changed drastically in those two words. The room fell silent as no one could look the other in the eye. His face saddened as his gaze swung down. “Hey what do you have there?” Eeteuk said his voice rough and husky, but shifted cheerily, slightly at the last words. Everyone could tell Eeteuk just wanted everyone to look on the bright side, and think about the positive. Even if it meant his own pain.

For Hae and Hyuk, Eeteuk reminded them a lot of Sungmin. The tried holding back even more tears as they looked back and realized how much he didn’t deserve any of this. Sungmin always helped them, and always wanted them to be happy and forget their fears, worries, and anything else lodged in a dark place deep within their hearts.

“Oh it’s just a present for when he wakes up, hoping for a speedy recovery.” Hae replied smiling. Oh how that smile pierced, and tore his very flesh apart. He didn’t even know why it hurt so much to smile. His heart crashed and burned, and over flowed with grief, he couldn’t even handle it. But why, why did it hurt so much, and feel so wrong to smile? Even just this fake little smile, just to cheer his buddies up, why did he feel so regretful?

His smile faltered as visions of Sungmin lying on the pavement, willowing in his own pool or crimson red, then clinging on to his thread of life, fighting on the hospital bed, unconscious. He couldn’t take in all the sights, they made his head spin, they made hm see double, there was a great stinging sensation on the right side of his head, he felt hung-over with a huge migraine. He felt his heart burst and shatter, fix itself only to break once again, he felt his insides contort, and knot up, and it was all too overwhelming.

He ran to the kitchen, and chugged as much water as he could, hoping the pain would go away, but it was still there, his rage started to build up inside him. He felt his emotions gurgle, and bubble like lava about to burst. He threw the glass in his hand forcefully against the wall, as he let out an alarming grunt. He went into a stage of furry, delusion, and blurriness where he didn’t even know what he was doing, although he knew it made a big mess.

The others tried to calm Donghae down, and wondered what caused him to be in such a state. They held Donghae by the shoulders, so he couldn’t move; but when they tried asking him questions, he gave nothing but incomprehensive, jolty answers.

When Hae finally calmed down was when they laid him on the couch to fall asleep, and so he did. When he woke up, he found them all getting ready for something.

“Where’s everyone going?” He asked as he slowly got up, and rubbed his eyes like a little kid in an anime.

“To visit Sungmin…” Yesung smiled, as if Hae’s little episode last night never even happened.


Okay I’m SO SORRY! I meant to post this A LOT earlier…but work, school, and my social life have been killing me lately. Especially now with the whole Twilight just coming out…Jasper Cullen is amazingly gorgeous btw Sorry…got a little sidetracked there. Enjoy!^^

Nov. 4th, 2008

My first batch of icons...EVER
Hope you guys like them :)
They're all individual pictures from the Super Show Photobook ;]
34 pics in total

Sorry they're a little plain :(




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Credits to me: chii_gomdori

Nov. 3rd, 2008

Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.6)
Pairing: Eunhaemin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the plot and mp3
Warnings: Mild swearing, angst
Notes: There are two flashbacks in this chapter, sorry if it's confusing!

“Doctor, how is he?” Donghae asked nervously. Eunhyuk sat a few feet away from them, shaking his legs nervously, face buried in his hands, as he sighed deeply waiting for the doctor’s answer.

“He’s…in critical condition, and we don’t know why. But we’re trying our best to find out. Please wait until then.” The doctor smiled sympathetically, but spoke with a disappointed tone.

Donghae and Hyuk’s eyes started to burn, but they tried their best to fight away tears. The doctor was about to leave, but Donghae pulled him back to ask more questions.

“Can we go see him? Will he be ok?” he almost shouted, because of the shaky, nervous tone he couldn’t control.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think you’ll be able to see him until at least tomorrow morning. And I hate to say this…but I don’t know if he’ll make it. We’ll see…” The doctor stated not once looking in his eyes. Then he walked off. Donghae thought he was just plain cold and rude, but then he realized the doctor must be facing that situation all the time. But this wasn’t just any other person they were talking about, it was Sungmin for frickin’ sakes, he could’ve at least acted like he gave a flip. This wasn’t the first time this sort of thing happened though.


”Donghae watch out!” Sungmin shouted as he sprinted towards Donghae.

Sounds from the brakes screeched in the air. SMACK! The air filled with the smell of burnt rubber as the driver of the green cab came running out.

“Holy shit! Someone call an ambulance!” he shouted out, panicking.

Donghae just stared at the scene in front of him. He looked at the man yelling at him, as he took out his cell phone and started dialing. The other line was filled with rings as Donghae shifted his gaze towards his friend lying there, lifeless on the ground. His throat contracted, as blood began to trail from Sungmin’s forehead.

“Hello?” The voice on the other line surprised Donghae, mouth agape.

“Can I please get an ambulance over here wuickly? My friend’s just been hit by a car.” He was on the verge of tears.

“Sir, please calm down. Tell me your exact whereabouts and we’ll send someone over right away.”


“Alright, someone’s on their way right now. Now sir, stay on the line, you need to help while the others make their way over there ok?”

“Thank you and yes ok what should I do?”

“I need you to check his pulse, and see if he’s still breathing.”
Donghae hovered his head over Sungmin’s mouth, but had no luck.

“Fuck Sungmin!” He cursed to himself, still slightly crying. Then he rested his index and middle finger on Sungmin’s wrist. Yes! A pulse!

“Alright, he’s not breathing, but he has a pulse.”

“Ok, do you know CPR?”

“A little…”

“Well that’s good enough, I’m going to need you to try your best. Help will arrive soon.”

“Ok…” Donghae replied as he started the procedure. Although there was no reaction.

”Come on Sungmin…”

And then, help came. Right when Donghae was about to give up, there came the little ambulance racing down the street.

“Thanks for taking care of your friend while we got here kid, you did great.” One of the paramedics said, patting Donghae lightly on the back. “You might have just saved your friend’s life…”

”I might have just saved his life…” the words kept echoing in Donghae’s head. And he watched stunned as the ambulance drove away. Then he reached for his cell, and dialed Hyuk’s number.


But this time, Hae couldn’t do anything to help his best friend. Actually, if might even be his fault why Sungmin was there, in the ER. For a second Hae forgot about Hyuk sitting there silent, face aged from all the worry. Hyuk’s mouth was slightly covered by his unstable right hand, and he seriously looked like he was about to break any second. Donghae couldn’t stand all of this.

This can’t be happening to me… Donghae faced in a different direction because he just couldn’t let Hyuk see him cry like this, not again. Soft, warm tears stared to flow from his eyes, and little cries escaped his mouth once and awhile. His pants and heavy breaths influenced Eunhyuk’s own self to do the same.

“T-there’s still a ch-chance he’ll make it Hae.” Hyuk said unable to control his trembling voice, face engulfed in his arms.

Donghae didn’t reply, and the silence killed Hyuk. He couldn’t stand it, he slowly got up and wrapped his arms around Donghae’s cold, shaky body. Why didn’t Hae ever answer his questions? He just couldn’t understand. He wasn’t that way when Sungmin talked to him…

“Let…go…” Donghae chocked on his words, and raised his wobbly hands towards Eunhyuk’s strong arms. Donghae’s trickled down his cheeks, off his chin, and flowed their way down Hyuk’s sleeves, and lightly damped them.

Eunhyuk didn’t say a word; in fact he acted as if Donghae hadn’t muttered anything at all. Eunhyuk’s warmth gave Donghae strength and the will to keep hope.

“He’ll pull through. He’s a fighter…” Eunhyuk’s soft, manly, husky tone sent shivers down Hae’s spine, although he wished he never stopped. An old memory of Sungmin flashed through Donghae’s mind. It was that poor, baby-faced boy, who risked his own life to save him, that boy…laying there lifeless on the hospital bed, looking as pale as the moon, and it was all because of Donghae. And now, there was Sungmin…again, in a hospital bed, although this time he may never wake up.


Sungmin woke up on a beautiful morning, the sunlight beaming from the windowsill, onto Sungmin’s chocolate eyes, making them a thousand times more stunning. He wondered why he woke up in such an odd place. Not in his comfy bed with five pillows, not in his light pink room.

He wondered why there are other people looking feverishly ill, in beds around him. He wondered why there’s that one tiny little boy, sitting on his bed, playing with a toy plane, in the back corner of the room. He wondered why the little boy is bald, and then he realizes just oh, the tragic truth about this place. He was in a hospital, and he pondered for a couple seconds why he was there, but then he remembered why.

I’m amazed I’m not dead yet… he thought as he limply got up from the bed. A great pain struck to his forehead and he lifted his hand to feel, and was surprised to feel the coarse texture of a wound stitched finely together. He continued to get up, pulled the IV along with him as he walked towards the young boy.

The cold, hard ground stung his feet with every slow stride he took; each time he wanted to quit, but something was pushing him to move forwards. Was it the lonely look on the boy’s face? He didn’t know, but he kept moving along. The boy watched every step he made with curious eyes. Finally Sungmin reached the last bed in the room.

“Hey there little guy, what’s your name?” he smiled cheerfully, the sun still reflecting off his beautiful face.

“I’m Daeyoung.” he stared at Sungmin with happy eyes still holding his plane in his hands. “The nurse said you’d never wake up…but you did.” He smiled. The happiness of this little boy just struck at and touched Sungmin’s heart, and yet influenced him so much at the same time.

“What do you have there?” Sungmin pointed at the toy in the boy’s chubby hands.

“A plane, people thought we’d never be able to fly. But this proves them wrong. My noona told me to reach for my dreams, because nothing is impossible.” The boy gave the biggest, happiest smile Sungmin had ever seen on anyone, and it radiated with the sun’s glow. Sungmin wondered how such a little boy could hold so much intelligence.

“So what’s your dream?”

“I’m gonna be a firefighter one day, and save people. The doctors say I won’t live until then, but I know one day my dream will come true. Even if I can only save some people…” he looked to at the plane he was fidgeting with in his hands.

“Your noona’s right, reach for your dreams. No matter what anyone says ok?” Sungmin patted the boy’s cold head lightly.

“Don’t worry ahjusshi. I will!” he giggled as he gave Sungmin a thumbs up. Sungmin’s heart cracked, and his insides felt heavy, and he felt like a coward compared to this little boy who had all the courage in the world, in front of him.

The door slid open, and in walked in the nurse. But her eyes widened with terror as she saw Sungmin’s empty bed, then she scanned the room, and sighed with relief to find him with the boy.

“I can’t believe you’re awake.” She beamed as she walked towards them.

“I can’t believe I’m awake either…” Sungmin said scratching the back of his head.

“Your friend…Donghae was it? Might’ve just saved your life…”

“I’m not surprised, he always saves me.”

“Oh that reminds me, he’s here to visit you. Shall I let him in?”

“Yes please, thank you.” The nurse nodded as she walked away to let Donghae in.

“I guess I’ll talk to you later ahjusshi…” the boy smiled his gummy smile once again.

Sungmin smiled and gave the boy thumbs up as he said: “You bet on it Daeyoung.”


“Hyuk…let me go, please.” The tears started overflowing from his eyes, and Eunhyuk just couldn’t understand. He pulled away from Donghae, but turned Donghae to face him.

”What’s wrong with you?” he almost shouted, earning glares from everyone in the waiting room. “Let’s…take this outside…” he said grabbing Donghae’s hand and heading for the exit.


Whoo! I wrote a semi-long chapter!
Hope you enjoyed it...I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED writting the scene in the hospital room with the little boy...
Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.5)
Pairing: Eunhaemin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the plot and mp3

The words hit Sungmin straight in the chest, and filled his heart with warmth and understanding. He felt happy in Donghae’s beautiful arms, and felt snug against his tender chest.

Donghae came to the rescue again, just when they needed him most. He came to bring them happiness and joy once again, to promise them his care, just like how things were before. Like a superhuman savior, only more beautiful, he came to take away their sorrows.

“Why am I so selfish? I forgot about Eunhyuk. How could I? He’s the one who feels the worst, and guiltiest, but I’m the one in Donghae’s embrace… He thought once he remembered about Eunhyuk, still crying in the far corner of the living room.

Sungmin flashed a peek at the solemn figure curled up in the corner, and felt his body go numb. He wanted to move, to run to Hyuk, and give him the biggest hug and a kiss on his forehead. But his eyes stung watching the poor thing weep, his mouth shut tight, afraid to speak any more painful words, his legs glued to the floor, because his heart was torn. He couldn’t choose whether to follow his greedy wishes, and keep Donghae to himself, or to whisper the comforting words into Hyuk’s ear: “It’s okay, I forgive you. But it’s not all your fault, I understand.”

But he swung his gaze back to Donghae before Donghae could notice. Although he knew inside that Hyuk had already heard them, and knew that they were together, without him. He wondered to himself why Hyuk still didn’t say anything, or moved or did anything but cry. Sungmin felt guilty, his chest felt heavy even though he was being comforted by Hae.

“Hae…” He whistled softly, as he pulled himself slowly away from him.
“Yes hyung?” He replied a sympathetic, yet confused look on his face.
Sungmin didn’t reply, instead he grabbed Donghae’s wrist and led him to the living room, where disfigured Hyuk was bawling.

Donghae nearly fell to his knees when he saw Hyuk like that. He didn’t mutter a single word, tried to hold back even more tears, and bent down slowly. He cupped the left side of Hyuk’s face with his right hand and wiped away his tears with his thumb. Eunhyuk looked up, and shifted his gaze towards Donghae. Now they were face to face, looking straight into each other’s eyes, and biting back tears, they embraced.

Sungmin smiled far away in the kitchen as he saw how meant to be the two were. He felt like a player in the sidelines, happy because his team had just won the game, disappointed since he never even got to step on the field. Even though this sensation felt bittersweet, he thought it would be better this way.

“I should just get on with my life. Those two are perfect for each other…” he sighed as he quietly made the three of them hot chocolate.
He hummed a heartbreaking love song, and concentrated only on not spilling any of the hot substance as he made his way to the living room. He was overwhelmed with sudden shock once he saw the view before him. His mouth gaping open, his eyes bulging out, he nearly dropped the tray of hot chocolate right on the spot.

Donghae soft lips were pressed gently on Hyuk’s for a gentle, yet sweetly passionate kiss. Hyuk’s arms wound their way around Hae’s neck, and Hae’s hands were now both onto each of Hyuk’s cheeks. The kiss lasted only few moments, although to Sungmin it felt like an eternity. Then the two smiled into each other, as they embraced again, barely even noticing Min mere meters away.


”Hi, I’m Lee Donghae. What’s your name?” The young boy with the chocolate, wavy hair smiled as he pulled up a chair right next to Sungmin.

“Ah? Oh I’m Lee Sungmin. Nice to meet you.” He smiled back.

“So how long have you been here?”

“In the city?”


“I was born here, but we moved out for a couple years, and came back this year.”

“So-“ Donghae’s question got interrupted by the sudden entrance of one of their classmates.

The young boy, who had just arrived into the classroom, stumbled to his desk, staring at the ground the whole time. Sungmin and Donghae stared at the boy the first second he made a noise, and their eyes were glued on him, mouths gaping open as he made his way to his desk, and hesitated into his seat. They didn’t know why he captured their attention so much, but they brushed it off and figured they shouldn’t care.

“Do you know that kid?” Donghae turned abruptly around and startled Sungmin who was still watching the other student curiously.

“Eh? Oh…I’m not sure what his name is, but I think he’s like a dancer…” Sungmin turned back towards the chalkboard, and rested his chin on his crossed arms on his desk.

“A dancer at this age? That’s sorta strange…” Donghae sighed as he turned back around as well, sneaking peeks at the boy in the back corner once and awhile.

“Where the hell is our teacher?” Sungmin moaned, head and arms still lazily laid on his desk.

“I really don’t know.” Donghae took one last peak at the boy. He looked so distressed and lonesome by himself, staring out the window. The desks around him had not been taken up yet. Donghae wanted to talk to him, make him feel needed, and he wanted him to stop being and looking so lonely.

“Hey Sungmin…let’s go talk to that kid. He looks lonely.” Donghae tapped Sungmin’s shoulder lightly and pointed to the back. Sungmin said nothing, but replied with a vague nod.

“Hey…can we sit here?” Sungmin asked starting to pull a chair already. It was obvious the sudden conversation surprised the boy, and that he was expecting no one to talk to him. As he stood silent, with a shocked expression, discouragement washed over Sungmin and Donghae. They started making their way back to their seats when they heard the boy speak.

“Um…yeah sure.” Sungmin and Donghae turned back quickly, shocked by the words that came out of the boy’s mouth.

Awkwardly, the two sat down around him, so the three took up the corner. The order was Sungmin, the boy, Donghae, and the people in front and beside them.

“So when’s your birthday?” Donghae turned around, and rested his right elbow on the boy’s desk.

“April fourth…” the boy smiled, and continued. “How about you guys?”

“Mine’s October fifteenth…”

“January first.” Sungmin grinned as he cocked his head slightly to one side.

“So it’s him then me, then you…” Eunhyuk pointed at each of them as he spoke. “What are your names? He also cocked his head a bit to the left.

“I’m Donghae, he’s Sungmin. And you are?” Donghae spoke while directing with his entire hand.

“My name’s Lee Hyukjae, nice to meet you.” He smiled one of the biggest smiles the two have ever seen on a teenage boy. To them, he looked like a five year old who’d just found candy mountain. And that’s when the three knew thhey’d be best friends for life, or that’s at least what they thought.


Sungmin’s face coiled, at the bittersweet taste his heart savoured. His chest felt heavy, and he suffocated and drowned in his own whirlpool of emotions. The temperature of the room suddenly dropped to a shocking amount. And Sungmin felt cold sweat slide down his forehead, as the whole world spun itself and buzzed through him as if intoxicated. His body went numb and he could feel himself fall back slowly, as if time moved frame by frame. He wanted to resist, he wanted to catch himself fall, but his body wouldn’t move, and his body wouldn’t listen.

”What’s wrong with me? Am I going to die?” He pondered to himself as he finally gave up struggling, and let gravity take over. He suddenly heard a thud and wondered if that was the sound of the impact as he hit the ground, or something else. He starred up at the ceiling, the great fuzz of colour surrounding him, and two figures moving closer and closer to him muttering who knows what. Because in those few moments, he felt as if his ears had gone ninety percent deaf, and his eyes fifty percent blind. He wanted to shout to Donghae and Eunhyuk for help, but he couldn’t speak. He opened his mouth weakly, and though he said something like I’m sorry but he wasn’t sure if they heard or understood. Weakness took over his body as everything slowly, turned black.

My mind was blank for like 4 days
hope you guys like this chapter :D
I dunno how I feel about it..it's sorta strange

P.S (I have to ask) are my flashbacks getting annooying?


Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.4)
Pairing: Eunhaemin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the plot and mp3

Sungmin was silent as Hyuk began to weep. Min didn’t know what to do, he felt confused, and sad even though he should’ve been filled with utter happiness for this was his chance to comfort his dongsaeng. So why did a sadness wash over him as if he realized he just lost a loved one? He couldn’t take care of Hyuk, he didn’t know how. It was always Hyuk who took care of him, even though Sungmin was the older one. He needed…Donghae.
He stepped out of the room, hoping Hyuk wouldn’t notice his absence. His hand shook as he began to dial the number he almost forgot, but never really got erased from his memory.  
Donghae’s hand fumbled as he unlocked his door, trying his best to hold back his tears. Once he stepped in and switched on the light, his phone rang, breaking the silence within his apartment. He picked it up lazily without even looking at the number that called.

“Hello?” he said trying to steady his voice, even though it still came out coarse and shaky.

“Donghae…” the voice said solemnly. Hae’s heart skipped a beat as he realize who the voice belonged to.

“Hyung? What happened? Are you alright?” He started panicking once he heard the distress in his hyung’s voice.

“Hae, I’m fine just…” Sungmin didn’t know how to explain how he was feeling he just needed Donghae to be there. To comfort him and Eunhyuk. They both needed him, right now.

“What is it?” Donghae’s voice grew a bit calmer, but saddened at the same time.

“Hae…just come over here okay?” Sungmin was on the verge of tears, and Donghae could hear it from the tone in his voice. Stillness came over the other side of the line until the consistent beeps took over.
Once Sungmin hung up, Donghae’s heart felt even heavier than before. For now, he held the burden of not one but three sorrowful souls. He began to weep slightly, but then remembered he had to make his way over to his hyungs’ apartment. He brushed off his tears with his sleeve, and sniffed for the last time, telling himself to be strong. He locked his apartment and set out.


”Fine I don’t care if we aren’t friends anymore, get out of my face!” Sungmin’s words rustled repeated over and over in Eunhhyuk’s head. He panted, as drops of sweat rolled down his hot forehead. He wanted to disregard the memory of the fight he just had with his hyung, that’s why he was right here. At the back alley, kicking his worn-out, aged, discoloured soccer against the grimy, old wall. He wanted to hold back the tears, yet let out all his anger so with each powerful stride and kick he gave a moan loudly letting out all his emotions.

“Hyung…are you okay?” Donghae’s sudden voice surprised Eunhyuk, and he lost concentration in what he was doing. The ball fell to the ground, and rolled frivolously towards Donghae.

“I’m!” he started loud and impatiently, then calmed his voice. “I’m fine Hae, just forget about it.” He sighed scratching the back of his head irritatingly, as he looked up at the gloomy sky.

“You should call Sungmin hyung…” Donghae suggested quietly as he picked up the soccer ball, his eyes glued on Eunhyuk’s depleted sneakers.

“Why? He doesn’t want to talk to me.” Hyuk looked at Donghae straight on, few pants leaving his mouth now and then. He wiped the sweat off his forehead as he cursed slightly.

“But I don’t like it when you guys fight. We’re all supposed to be best friends. It hurts when I hear you two fight, or no longer wish to be friends. Call him. This problem will never get resolved if you aren’t the one who apologizes first. You know how irritable hyung gets when he’s pissed off…”  Donghae gave Hyuk an intense, yet warm glare, dead-on straight into his chestnut eyes. As he clutchered the tattered soccer ball tight to his waist, not caring if it’ll soil his white sweater.
Eunhyuk scoffed and swore under his breath once again, for he knew Donghae was right.

The air suddenly got colder, and the sky a little darker, and the two of them stood in silence. They still gazed at each other, eyes a little softer now. Eunhyuk only then realized how beautiful Donghae looked in the stillness of the night, the only light shining on his face was that of the nearby streetlight, and of the apartment windows above them.

“Hae…make love to me…” the words slipped out of Hyuk’s mouth. Shocked and embarrassed at what he himself had just said, he looked away from Donghae, as a slight blush formed on his face and he stood silent.

“No” Donghae’s simple and short answer was the most painful word that ever came from Hae’s mouth. Hyuk had heard Donghae said that word many times over, but this time it felt so different. So real so excruciating.

“Why?” Hyuk’s head shot up in sudden reply, as he tried his best to control the shakiness in his tone.

Donghae didn’t reply and looked away, hiding just his face in a slight shadow. He held out his phone to Hyuk and solemnly said. “Call him…”

Eunhyuk nodded his head, took the phone from Hae’s hands, and began dialing Sungmin’s number. When he finished dialing he looked up only to find the absence of Donghae, and his old soccer ball alone on the cold ground.

“Hello? Hae how are you?” the voice on the other line said emotionless.

“No hyung, it’s me Eunhyuk…”


Once Donghae found himself at the door of his hyungs’ apartment, he sighed slightly, and finally knocked on the door.

“Hey…” he tried his best to smile as the door opened slowly, little creaks leaving the old hinges.

“Hae, you’re finally here…” Sungmin collapsed on Donghae, his arms hanging onto his shoulders.

“It’s okay hyung…” he patted Sungmin’s pat comfortingly, and Sungmin held onto Donghae tighter.

“I’m sorry…” tears trickled down Min’s soft cheeks, and his voice grew weaker.

“I understand, you don’t have to be sorry about anything. It’s going to be okay…” Hae whispered into Min’s ear, but felt like he was saying the last line more to himself. And he bit back tears as he began to feel the heartache Sungmin held inside. “I’m sorry I hurt you so much, I truly am sorry…”


I tried harder (in this chapter) to develop all their characters (espcially Donghae)..
Hope you guys like it...
sorry if it's bad D;

Oct. 10th, 2008

Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.3 part 2)

Pairings: Eunmin, Eunhae

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don’t own people


Donghae reached deep in the pockets of his old backpack, hoping to find his keys, but instead found an old locket. He stared questioningly at the silver chain and heart hanging off his index finger. Just at that moment a flash of memories flooded his mind.




“Left my book in your locker, kekeke xD

Get it for me please Hae?^^”

Donghae scoffed after he read the cute little text Eunhyuk had just sent him. How could his hyung be so stupid? He smirked to himself as he made his way through the deserted hallway to his locker. How could both his hyungs be so forgetful? His half-smile faded as he reached his plain, undecorated, and uncared for, locker. He spun the dial of his lock with his thumb humming a sad tune, until his locker popped open. A small purple gift box fell out of it, and made a slight thud.

He bent down to pick it up, but as he got up, he bummed his head lightly on his locker door. He cursed slightly under his breath, and rubbed the back of his head as he squinted at the little box in his hand.

He was hesitant, but eventually lifted the lid slowly, uncovering the burnished silver locket. Also in the box was a note.

Bet you thought we forgot right?

Hahaha what kinda of hyungs do you think we are Hae?

Happy Birthday.


Sungmin & Eunhyuk

A smile crept up on his face again, and he felt an indescribable tenderness down inside him. He brushed the heart shaped locket unconscientiously with his index finger, and was about the open it up until the end of school bell interrupted his thoughts. He hid the box away in his backpack, shut his locker and made his way to his hyungs’ lockers.



He grinned as he remembered what the locket held inside it. He gently lifted the clasps, and flipped it open, revealing a cropped, old, picture of him, Sungmin and Eunhyuk when they were a couple years younger.

“We looked so young, and happy with each other. Things have changed so much. I miss how it used to be.” Donghae’s eyes started to tear, but he couldn’t help but smile at the same time.

“Minnie-hyung…what happened to us? We ended our friendship for Hyuk-hyung…I’m sorry, I miss you. I wish things could be the way they were before…”




“Hey hyung what are you doing?” Eunhyuk crept up on Sungmin, causing him to jump.

“YAH! Stop sneaking up on me. I’m gonna get heart failure because of you!” he said bitterly as he playfully whacked the back of Hyuk’s head.

“Ow!” Eunhyuks chuckled cutely. Sungmin sat silently, not uttering one word. Hyuk peeked over Sungmin’s shoulder to see what he was doing, and noticed the album on Sungmin’s lap.

“Do you remember the old days?” Sungmin asked sounding more like he was asking himself instead of Eunhyuk the question.

“When?” he questioned considerately, and sat down beside Min.

“Before. Back at high school, maybe even before that. When the three of us were inseparable.” He stared off into the gloomy, distance outside the window. He didn’t need to name the third person for Hyuk to know who he was talking about.

“Yeah…” Eunhyuk got quiet, and the tone in his voice saddened.

“I miss those days. Now when we pass each other by, we act as though we’re strangers. Now when we hear each other’s names, we shrivel up. We can’t stand each other now. I wish things could be the way they were before…” Sungmin’s voice cracked at the last two sentences. His eyes grew teary and lifeless and he sat there motionless, waiting for Eunhyuk to reply. Eunhyuk sat hugging his knees, face buried in between his arms. Hinding his teary face.

“It’s my entire fault; I’m sorry. I wish things could be the way they were too…” His voice was low and muffled due to the arms and knees covering his face.


Sorry I didn't update sooner...but school has been evil these past few days because yesterday we got our progress reports. Today I finished all my homework before I got home so right after work I started typing :)
Anyways, sorry it's kinda short, and that nothing really happened in this whole chapter just major flashbacking.
I should really quit adding flashbacks all the time....

Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.3 part 1)
Pairings: Eunmin, Eunhae
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own people

Eunhyuk fell to his knees. Distress washed over his body as he picked up his trembling hyung, tenderly. Sungmin was curled up on his lap, and Hyuk’s head rested on Sungmin’s shoulder as he continued to shed his tears. He didn’t realize that people were watching and gossiping, nor did he heed.
“Hyung…I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” He rocked him back and forth, tears streamed down his face, as he began to feel himself shudder slightly.
Sungmin felt an unexplainable warmth and sense of belonging in Hyuk’s arms. And yet, he still felt unwanted, insignificant, and unimportant, like trash. Silence swept over them slowly, and Eunhyuk wondered if Sungmin was feeling better.
“Hyung?” Eunhyuk muttered softly as he lifted his gaze, and pulled his hyung’s face closer.
Sungmin smiled vaguely, cupped Hyuk’s face, and gazed lovingly with bloodshot eyes, and a tear-stricken face. The sight and silence of his hyung crushed his heart, made his lip quiver with understanding as he saw the suffering deep down inside Sungmin.
Donghae observed from the little distance.
“Just when I thought you were finally mine…” he softly whispered to himself, as he looked to his feet. He slightly smirked when he saw the grass stains on his jeans from the thrilling soccer game he had with Eunhyuk, only a few moments ago.


“Be careful Hyukjae.”
“Yes mom, okay bye”
Eunhyuk slammed the door and ran to school with a slightly burnt piece of toast hanging from his drooling mouth. Halfway to school he spotted Sungmin limping slightly.
“Hey hyung are you okay?” he lightly patted on his back, causing Min to jump at the sudden sound, and touch.
“Ah! Oh Hyukie-ah…I’m just fine.” He smiled weakly.
“Are you sure? Ooh look it’s Donghae-ah.” Eunhyuk’s sudden shot of happiness, once he saw Donghae, made Min’s stomach flip.
“Hey guys! I’m sorry for hurting your leg Sungmin hyung.” Donghae gave Sungmin a concerned and sympathetic smile.
“It’s okay Hae, don’t worry about me” Sungmin grinned flakily while he really thought to himself: “I don’t need your pity.”
“We’re going to be late!” Eunhyuk stared wide eyed at his wrist watch, and then grabbed Sungmin wrist, and started to dash. Luckily Sungmin grabbed Donghae’s wrist also as the three ran as fast as their legs let them.
Donghae stared as the hand holding his wrist, and frowned realizing it was Sungmin’s, not Eunhyuk’s. Not that there was anything wrong with Sungmin, but seeing his Eunhyuk choose another boy instead of himself pulled at his heartstrings. He wanted to feel the happiness he pictured Sungmin feeling right now. Donghae guessed right, Sungmin was in perfect bliss, at the moment. Not only was he running together happily with his two best friends, but his love was clutching tightly onto his wrist. He wanted to it to stay that way forever. He wanted to always feel like Eunhyuk never wanted to let him go, until eventually he did.


”Hyukie…let’s go home…” He lifted himself up off of Eunhyuk, as he reached out his hand to help pull Eunhyuk up.
Eunhyuk stayed silent, but smiled politely, while he took the frail hand of his hyung. Once they both got up and stood face to face, they couldn’t help but laugh at the akward silence. They stared each other deep in their teary eyes, and just embrace each other as a few tears trickled down each of their cheeks. And in unison they said.
“I’m sorry.”


Ack! Sorry this took soo long and that's it's soo bad (not to mention short) D; promise the second part will be much better (hopefully) *sweatdrops*.


Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.2)

Pairings: Eunmin, Eunhae (still)

Rating: PG-13 (still)

Disclaimer: I do not own people

Notes: I updated quicker than I thought :O

You can still catch up if you didn’t read the first chapter, because it was really bad and you don’t have to know anything except that Sungmin confessed his love, and Eunhyuk disappeared, but Sungmin found Eunhyuk down by a soccer field.



“Hyukie, why do you tease my heart like so?”

Sungmin smiled to himself as he quickened his pace. He rested his eyes on his lover’s beautifully body running around, gasping for air.

“I knew you’d be here...” He whispered to himself.



Eunhyuk looped and whirled around the soccer ball, twinning it in between each of his feet, and kicking it ahead of him once and awhile. His adrenaline rushed and flowed straight to his powerful legs, as he weaved around the other players. This was what he loved most. It wasn’t just about soccer, it wasn’t just about body checking the opposing team, or even scoring any goals. It was just about the rush, the feeling, the excitement he felt as he ran across that field, unveiling the unknown mysteries of the game.

He felt free, this was his only time to be alone, to just feel how he wanted, to not worry and have to think about anything else. As soon as his foot even just brushed the ball, it was game. His fears, his heartache, rejection, and every memory that hurt him he forgot about when playing the game. All those haters, those who didn’t believe in him, those who told him he’d never amount to anything, those who told him to jut give up and go home. He’d show them all, he practiced everyday, every spare moment he had. When not doing homework, or helping around the house, he’d head to the alley and just kick the ball against the wall. Or head to the abandoned field, with dead brown grass. He didn’t mind as long as he got to play.

Eunhyuk power shot it halfway across the field to number 8, Lee Donghae. Donghae sprinted, the ball glued to his talented feet like magic. He set himself for the shot, although he didn’t notice how his opponent was gaining on him every second. He swung mightily, and caused a collision between his strong blow and his opponent’s shin. Luckily, the impact was lessened due to the shin pads he was wearing. His opponent just kept running with the ball, as if he didn’t even know someone had just bruised his shin. Donghae smirked to himself, for he knew very well who he was facing. The boy who’d rivaled him with absolutely everything. Number 15, Lee Sungmin.


Sungmin’s eyes widened as he saw an indefinite figure approaching his Eunhyuk. Sungmin sprinted closer and hid behind a bush, not close enough to hear them, but close enough to see. Sungmin’s mouth gaped as he saw the young man greeting his love. The man with perfect, brown almond eyes, he knew his Hyuk loved so much more than his own. The man who’d been his rival ever since the beginning. The man who stole away his love. Lee Donghae.

Sungmin felt his knees cave in as he held back tears.

“Hyukie…why? Why him?”

He couldn’t believe it, even after he confessed, his Eunhyuk was mingling, embracing, running around with the one person he couldn’t stand in the world. He held his breath as he heard their joyous laughs get closer and closer.

“Ahaha. It was great seeing you again…”

“I missed you”

“We must…again.”

“See you”


It was all a bit muffled and incoherent to Sungmin, and the little he actually heard stabbed his heart. Each and every little word, every careless word they uttered, felt like a shard of glass being thrown at his little weary heart. Sungmin couldn’t look up, he couldn’t move, couldn’t breath. He felt helpless, trapped, forced to keep on listening and seeing his love being taken away like always. The last few sentences he heard very well because the two were now seated on a bench, merely a few meters away from where Sungmin hid.

“Are you still seeing Sungmin?”

This was the conversation Sungmin didn’t want to hear, he wanted them to stop talking, he wanted himself to go deaf, he wanted his ears to stop lusting for the response. He wanted his heart to stop beating madly; he wanted Eunhyuk to hold him in his arms and tell him he loved him and actually meant it.

Eunhyuk stayed silent for a few moments. Sungmin didn’t even want to know the reason why, although inside he knew the answer right away.

“Yeah I am, why?” He paused, and looked up into the beautiful eyes of the younger man.

“Oh…so I guess you didn’t get my text last night?”

“No why?

“Oh nothing”


A brief silence took over, as the two of them set their gazes anywhere, but at each other. Sungmin still watched and listened from the bush, and he wondered why they haven’t yet realized he was there watching them.

“Sungmin…told you he loved you didn’t he?” Donghae broke the freezing ice.

“How…how did you know?” Eunhyuk almost jumped out of his seat at the sudden revelation. Donghae just smirked malevolently. He brushed off Eunhyuk’s question with another question of his own.

“How did you reply?”

“I, um, I told him I also loved him.” Eunhyuk looked down to clammy, fidgety hands.

“But you didn’t mean it did you?” Donghae asked as he lifted Eunhyuk’s chin so they could see straight into each other’s eyes.

“I, no I didn’t…” He pulled himself away from Donghae. He didn’t know why. Of course he loved Donghae more than his hyung didn’t he? He always felt happier with Donghae, and he didn’t have to always have to nurse Donghae, or service his every whim like he did with Sungmin. And yet, why did he feel so heartless, why did he feel his heart twist, and why did the butterflies in stomach go on rampage when he said those four words?

Sungmin couldn’t hold it in any longer, he didn’t care if Donghae and Eunhyuk were right there. He didn’t care about the few pedestrians who would see him cry, and think he was crazy, he didn’t care that he was out in public, he just didn’t care. He cried out everything, everything he ever wanted to say; as heavy, salty tears flowed down his face, and caused his eyes to burn red.

Eunhyuk and Donghae heard the sudden outburst and wondered what was happening. Once Eunhyuk heard his name, his real name, he knew who the noise came from. His head shot right to where Sungmin was now, on the ground, incoherent, unidentifiable, unlike himself. Eunhyuk’s heart wrenched at this sight, to see his hyung in such a state.

He couldn’t bear to see it, he understood, he felt what his hyung felt, he understood everything he said, eventhough it was complete gibberish to everyone else. Light, tears trickled down his rosy cheeks, as he remembered the rejection he himself had endured in the past, and the times he was used, and betrayed, and fooled. He remembered how much it hurt, he wanted to rip his heart out, he promised himself he’d never hurt anyone like how he’d been hurt before. Especially not to someone he loved. But then again, he didn’t love Lee Sungmin, or did he?



I’m actually pretty happy with this chapter the reason being…I wrote it all in one day, and it’s a lot longer and better than the first…hope you like it!^^

And oh yes…SORRY I DIDN’T MAKE IT HAPPIER!!! D: I hope you forgive me!


Aug. 30th, 2008

Title: Where The River Ends (Chap.1)
Pairings: EunMin, EunHae...for now
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Disclaimer: I don't own people
Notes: This is my first fic...please don't be too brutal *sweatdrops*. It took me four days to write this, yet it's soo short D: I PHAIL as a writter.

Sungmin stood on the balcony of the appartment, eyes settled on something far off into the distance of the river, mind slowly wandering away. He was startled by the sudden loop of arms around his bare torso.

“I know the truth Hyukie, don’t play me for a fool.”

Sungmin wanted to shout out, but the words merely stayed afloat in his troubled mind and couldn’t seem to escape his gaping mouth. He tried to brush Hyuk’s hands away, but the slight friction only made Eunhyuk moan blissfully in his ear. The soft tingling kisses Eunhyuk planted on his sensitive alabaster skin sent shivers down his spine.

“I know every time you kiss me, you’re thinking of him.”

“You look beautiful hyung…” the younger one chimed softly to the other. Sungmin’s fingers intertwined with those of his lover’s as he took in a deep breath to prepare himself for his confession.

“Hyuk, I love you.” Sungmin squeezed his eyes shut waiting for a response. He held on a bit tighter, because he wanted to forget the fact that one day he’d have to let him go because he knew his lover’s heart belonged to someone else.

Eunhyuk seemed a bit taken aback but replied.

“I…love you too hyung…”

Sungmin’s heart crushed at the false tone in Eunhyuk’s reply. He bit back tears as he felt his grip loosen and Eunhyuk’s arms slowly pulling away.

“I’m breaking inside, but you’ll never know…”




“Look hyukie…I’m on top of the world!” Sungmin exclaimed as he ran up to the deck of the boat and imitated his favourite scene from Titanic.

“Hyung…we’re only on a river, not the ocean.”

“You know what they say about rivers right?”

“No what?” Eunhyuk’s curiosity caused him to jump right next to Sungmin and stare questioningly in his eyes.

“They say that love is like a river. Ever flowing and ever full of life.” Sungmin stared out into the river and took in a breath of the fresh moist air. Eunhyuk didn’t reply, instead he beamed once he saw the bright smile on his hyung’s beautiful face. He then looked in the direction his hyung was looking at and saw something else almost as beautiful, the river.




Sungmin wished the fresh breeze that flew by could blow away the awkward silence between the two of them. They stood face to face, unsure what to say. Both unsure how to feel. Then Sungmin let out a cute little sneeze, and Eunhyuk realized he was still half-naked and shivering so he insisted they head back into the room.

They quietly walked in not daring to utter a word to each other. Not even daring to look each other straight in the eye.

Sungmin’s knees gave in, and he slightly collapsed, but Eunhyuk caught him just in time. They still said nothing. They were both dying from the dreaded silence.

“I know you love him, not me…”

Sungmin looked up at Eunhyk while still in his arms, with his heart-rending puppy dog eyes and expressionless face. Hyuk’s heart fell to the floor, and he bit back tears when

he finally understood his hyung was aching inside and holding it all in this whole time.

Sungmin saw the distressed expression on Eunhyuk’s face, and flashed him a short but sweet, and comforting smile.

“Don’t worry about me Hyukie…”

He lifted himself from Eunhyuk’s arms and limped to his room to rest. He flopped down onto the bed and threw the white bed sheets over himself lazily, shut his eyes and tried to sleep. He woke to the sudden ring of Eunhyuk’s cell phone he left on the bedside table. Sungmin picked it up off the table, curious to see what secret it hid within it. He flipped it open, and stared at the 1 unread text message. He opened the message, only to find it was from Donghae, and read it quietly to himself. He snorted and deleted the message, any traces of it and snuck the phone back right at the same spot he had found it. He threw the covers back over himself just in time for Eunhyuk to burst in the room.


“Hey hyung,did you hear my phone-“ Hyuk stopped mid-sentence bearing in mind his hyung was fast asleep. Even though he was really under the sheets, hiding his devious smile away from the unsuspecting eyes of his love.


Sungmin woke up to find himself alone in appartment. He then spent the next five minutes pacing the room worriedly looking for Eunhyuk, but having no luck. He frantically dialed his number. Then realized Eunhyuk never took his cell phone with him, and that it was still on the bedside table, ringing, where Sungmin had left it the night before.

“Hyukie…where the hell are you?” he thought to himself as he grabbed his coat and headed to Eunhyuk’s favourite place to vent. The old soccer field down by the river.  His  puffed  into the cold air, his breath turning into vapor, and his hands in his pockets while he strolled down the street. Then the great, big, green field came into sight. Sungmin smiled and sighed with relief when he saw a small little figure into the distance kicking around a small white ball.


I don't know how long it will take to write the second chapter due to my writter's block >.<''
I'm going on a roadtrip so hopefully I'll get inspired and write something on the road.


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